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Endovenous Laser Treatment

A clinical procedure which is minimally invasive, ultrasound guided technique used for treatment of varicose veins are commonly termed as Endovenous laser treatment or EVLT. Damaged walls of the veins are targeted by laser rays which generates enough heat & energy to rejuvenate the dead tissues bringing back relief & functionality of the veins. Optimal usage of the rays produces a therapeutic effect without causing any collateral damage. The procedure is usually performed by intraventional radiologist or vascular surgeon.

Karishma vein clinic reputed for its effective treatment of varicose veins, spider web & Endovenous laser treatment in Pune & famous all over the country for the quality relief it brings about in patients suffering from damaged or diseased veins. Head surgeon Dr.Sanghvi is consulted before deciding to go ahead with any procedure & EVLT is chosen only when other non surgical medications fail to improve the condition of varicose veins. A color Doppler test is performed to assess the suitability of the procedure on the said patient. Team of expert professionals deal with every patient with lot of patience & provide a sense of assurance that comes from expertise & knowledge of the subject they are dealing in.

Methods of EVLT: This is an outpatient procedure that takes almost around 1 hour to complete & there is no need to need for the patient to stay overnight at the hospital or clinic. The procedure is carried out by inserting an optical fiber into the vein through which an infrared portion of the spectrum is sent along to the interior to contract the abnormally inflamed vessels. Slowly on completion the optical fiber is withdrawn. A local anesthesia is applied once the affected vein is identified via ultrasound rays.

Benefits & Complications of EVLT: Even on the conservative side there is a phenomenal success rate of about 98% & patients get immediate relief from the annoying symptoms. No general anesthesia is applied & no scar is visible. In regular cases there is no place for any complications & the doctors at the clinic take due precautionary measure to avoid all sorts of issues. In severe cases if any complications occur, they are minor in significance like pain, hematoma, edema & infection that can be treated with anti biotic. Patients are advised to wear compression stockings for a period of 2-3 weeks for complete recovery. Duplex ultrasound is used for follow up assessment of EVLT.

Patients are prepared for Evlt treatment in Pune with due care in Karishma vein clinic. Their prior medical history along with medication followed in past is duly noted by expert professionals. The meticulous details help the team advice & guide the patient correctly to provide him/her maximum benefit at a minimal cost. Over the counter drugs, herbal, ayurvedic treatment followed by patient in the past, his/her allergy report are taken into consideration while opting for EVLT. Complications arising from the procedure are dealt by the doctors at the clinic in case they occur. Karishma vein clinic has relentlessly worked to cater to certain health requirement of mankind & has proved their mettle in their job. For more information about treatment & care please log on to http://karishmaveinclinic.com/.

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