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Karishma Vein Clinic is a division of the Karishma Laser & Cosmetic Clinic (KLCC), a world-renowned centre in Pune for advanced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Treatment, Hair Care and Beauty Solutions. Over the last 3 years, at KLCC, we specialized in Varicose Vein Treatment using Endovenous Laser Treatment – a highly advanced and the most popular laser treatment for varicose veins across the world.


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  • I used to suffer from severe pain in my legs. The pain was endless! I was not able to walk with that pain. My Friend told me it could be because of varicose veins. She suggested me to visit Karishma vein clinic. Dr Sanghvi treated my varicose veins. I cannot thank him enough for his accurate diagnosis and the ‘Karishma’ of EVLT!! I am free from the pain and am enjoying life to the best of my ability!!

  • I am really pleased with the treatment of Karishma Vein Clinic; I wish that I had done it sooner! Now I have no pain, aching, or throbbing any more. I had very large varicose vein. Dr told me it’s the reason of my pain. He asked me to go for laser treatment. Now I am able to work with fresh mood. I would suggest all of my friends who have painful varicosities to visit and see the Karishma of Karishma Vein Clinic

  • Before the treatment, I was experiencing very tired legs, a lot of cramping and discomfort in the legs. I had heard a lot about Karishma vein clinic. But I really got the experience when I visited the clinic. After varicose veins treatment I was able to walk out of the office, do my daily work and activities. I think anybody experiencing any discomfort in their legs should have a precautionary checkup. It could be because of varicose veins. I would highly recommend Karishma vein clinic.

  • After pregnancy my legs had started getting problems. I was having swelling in the legs, numb toes, and heaviness. Because of this pain, it was impossible to do day to day work and take care of my baby. My husband took me to Karishma vein clinic. The treatment wasn’t that painful and lengthy. Now I can take care of my baby on my own without any problems and to my surprise the stretch marks which I had post pregnancy were also treated at Karishma with laser. Thank you Karishma Clinic.

  • I had varicose veins from 5-6 years. But I was very scared of surgeries. I was delaying my visit to Doctor for the same reason. But when I couldn't bear the pain, I visited Karishma Vein Clinic. Treatment didn't take long and the pain was relived immediately after the procedure I could not believe that there would be NO STICHES. When I opened the crepe bandage after 2 day, I was amazed to see the results Thank you very much to Karishma Vein Clinic.

  • I had gone to various doctors but none of them ever explained my problem to me the way DR.SURESH SANGHVI did…Because of him today I am free of spider veins. It was worst part of my life. Frequent cramps and heaviness in legs had made it impossible to even stand. After treatment I don’t get cramps and my legs are lighter now than it used to be …hats off to u Dr. Sanghvi. Thank you.

  • I was very fatso and had problem of varicose veins. I started losing weight & working out more, But it result into more prominent and painful varicose veins on my legs. So I finally decided to visit Karishma Vein Clinic as I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. Dr. Sanghvi did the laser treatment. The treatment wasn’t much painful. I feel really great now as I can move around without any pain.

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    Are there Spider Veins on Your Face….?
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    Varicose veins are located very near the surface of the skin. They cause a feeling of heaviness or severe pain in the legs. Sometimes, these symptoms can progress to more serious health concerns which include swelling, ulcers or spontaneous bleeding. What causes the varicose veins to burst? The varicose veins can rupture and bleed profusely […]
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      Top 15 Home Remedies to Fight Varicose Veins Varicose veins have become a very common problem which has been affecting approximately 10% of the population.  Women are the most affected by this problem. If varicose veins are not treated properly, it may result in serious complications. Varicose veins are veins which are abnormally enlarged […]
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