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5 Unbelievable Tips For Better Vein Health By Experts

Veins perform the important function of carrying back the impure/deoxygenated blood to the heart. However, most of us neglect the need to keep these passages healthy so that the body continues with all the activities. Varicose vein is a condition that is characterised by the appearance of the bulged veins, generally in lower limbs and this occurs due to the weakening or failure of the valves inside the veins. Many factors including the hormonal changes are traced for such condition. Veins health could be ensured through simple lifestyle interventions which are aimed at boosting the valve functions and other vital parameters of veins. Here are some simple tips offered from the desk of experts who specialise in varicose veins treatment in Pune. Have a look –

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is the natural way to improve the overall body functioning. This improvement is actually done through the proper flow of blood to the body parts through the arteries and veins. The veins also develop health through improved blood flow in them, thus reducing the chances of varicose veins. Being overweight is also a risk factor for the varicose veins condition. Exercising helps shed excess weight and the risk is thus reduced. Varicose veins clinic in Pune prescribes lighter exercise at least 5 days a week!

  1. Include walking in your routines

 Walking is similar to exercising and it also helps in improving the overall health of body. However, in some cases, walking has more benefits because it allows the body to gradually adapt to better and more active lifestyles; exercising on the other hand only over activates the body functions temporarily. Walking is also helpful for the elders who cannot afford to exercise regularly. The more objective benefit of walking in the condition of varicose veins is based on the fact that blood flow in the legs is significantly improved and thus the health of veins is also maintained.

  1. Use recliner

 Using the recliner while comforting or watching TV could be the good option to reduce the problem of varicose veins and also reduce the potential risk of it. The benefit is achieved because keeping the legs elevated help in ‘smooth’ flow of blood back to the heart through veins. The veins need not maintain more pressure to push the blood against gravity and the valves are relieved. Leading varicose veins clinic in Pune recommends the use of recliner as a must component!

  1. Take breaks in between work

If your work profile warrants long periods of standing then you are at the risk of developing varicose veins! Try taking breaks in between so as to relax the legs and veins (including the valves inside). Additionally, taking breaks also helps in rejuvenation and better work efficiencies

  1. Go for treatment

If you find trouble brewing despite these lifestyle changes, it is better to seek treatment at some expert clinic. Dedicated treatments are available towards restoring the vein and valve health. Surgical processes are done to remove the veins that get bundled up and do not respond to the de-stressing manoeuvres. Karishma Vein Clinic is a speciality destination that offers varicose veins treatment in Pune & relieves the condition in a safe and effective manner.

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