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You should Know these facts about Varicose and Spider Veins

Veins play an important role in transporting de-oxygenated blood back to the heart and further in carrying the pumped blood to the lungs for more oxygen. The transportation of blood through veins happens against force of gravity and is controlled by the valves. But in the event of valvular incompetence, the flow gets disturbed and blood gets pooled in the veins. This results in varicose and spider veins in which the veins gets swollen and weaken. Let us go through few important facts about varicose and spider veins.

Where it occurs: Varicose veins are swollen, twisted, large and raised blood vessels. They are visible through the skin and commonly develop in leg. But varicose veins can develop in other areas of body also. Spider veins are generally smaller in size and vary from blue, purple and red color. These spider veins are easily visible through skin. The common areas that are affected by spider veins are legs and face. Though spider veins are generally harmless, it can be a symptom of varicose vein formation.

What causes it: Though it is generally believed that wearing high heels and crossing your legs causes varicose and spider veins, it isn’t so. Standing or sitting in a place for a prolonged period is the main cause for pooling of blood. Other reasons include genetics, gender, obesity (excess fat increases pressure in abdomen area), smoking, and pregnancy. Women are more prone to varicose veins than men. Again age also plays a major role and it is quite common among adults who have crossed 50 years

Is it a cosmetic problem: It is true that in most of the cases, varicose or spider veins are mere cosmetic issues and do not pose any health problems. But it is advisable not to ignore them, as they can definitely be an underlying cause of a long run serious health issue. So it is important to visit a vein specialist when a person experiences inflammation and pain in the legs, swelling in the calf muscles, skin ulcer and discoloration.

How to prevent it: Although it is not completely possible to avoid the formation of varicose or spider veins, its intensity can be reduced and also its formation can be definitely delayed. The best way is to keep active to lose excess body weight and exercise the legs. It is also important to elevate the legs and avoid prolonged sitting or standing posture.

What are the treatment options available: Thanks to the advances in medical technology, numerous treatment options are available. Based on the severity of the problem, doctors recommend compression stockings, Endovenous laser treatment (ELVT), sclerotherapy and vein stripping. Most of the treatments are non-invasive and are provided without the aid of anesthetic agents. A renowned varicose vein specialist, Pune further adds that the treatments are usually started with compression stockings and all other options are deployed only when the situation demands. In general, the side effects of veins treatment are very much minimal.


For any further clarifications on varicose and spider vein problem, it is always advisable to approach an expert doctor by visiting a renowned clinic like Karishma veins clinic in Pune.

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