Varicose veins are located very near the surface of the skin. They cause a feeling of heaviness or severe pain in the legs. Sometimes, these symptoms can progress to more serious health concerns which include swelling, ulcers or spontaneous bleeding.

What causes the varicose veins to burst?

The varicose veins can rupture and bleed profusely due to a minor injury to thVaricose vein treatmente skin. The veins which bleed spontaneously are often small veins that are present near the ankle and do not cause tenderness or pain. But, venous pressures inside some varicose veins near the ankle or foot can be nearly as high as arterial blood pressure. This is mainly due to the effect of gravity and also the failure of valves in veins at multiple levels in the legs.  The veins may weaken over time due to the very high pressures within the veins and may stretch the walls of the veins. This may result in the sudden rupture of the vein which further causes bleeding into the tissues or through the surface of the skin especially if the skin overlying the vein has become thin.

What are the complications?

Complications like a ruptured varicose vein are very rare but can prove to be fatal due to the rapid blood loss. With age, skin and tissue become more fragile and cut to the skin may more likely damage the vein underneath. Thus, elderly people are at a greater risk in case of varicose vein bursts.

What is the treatment for varicose vein bursts?

  • If a varicose vein begins to burst or hemorrhage because it was damaged during a scrape or cut to the skin, it’s important to immediately elevate the area and the leg should be elevated higher than the heart.

  • Apply steady, firm pressure until the bleeding stops. You can do this with a finger initially to control the bleeding. This can be followed by a pressure dressing wherein a folded gauze sponge or a cloth is applied over the site.

  • Compression hose, stocking or an elastic wrap can also help to prevent bleeding for a short period.

If the scenario worsens then it is advisable to take medical help. Karishma Vein Clinic has been successfully providing a range of varicose vein treatment like ultrasound guided Endovenous Laser Ablation sclerotherapy for perforator to prevent the repeated bleeding episodes. The doctors also alleviate the underlying causes related to the problem by a complete evaluation of the veins and provide appropriate treatment.