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Varicose veins are bulged and swollen veins that occur near the surface of the skin due to improper blood circulation. During pregnancy, these varicose veins predominantly show up in rectum and vaginal area but normally do not pose major danger to you or your unborn baby. This being said, few pregnant women feel itchy and uncomfortable with varicose veins as pregnancy progresses. Hemorrhoids, the varicose veins in the rectum, may appear and become painful during the third trimester.

What exactly causes the sudden appearance of varicose veins during pregnancy?
• Increased level of progesterone hormones dilate veins and leads to blood pooling.
• Compression of blood by uterus puts additional pressure on inferior vena cava, veins that are located in the right side of the body and carry blood back to the heart from legs.
• During pregnancy, the volume of blood in the body increases and puts additional burden in the veins.
• Prolonged standing or sitting during pregnancy.

What can be done?
The good news is that symptoms can be minimized and their further development can be definitely retarded using natural treatments and preventive measures, says the physician of Karishma vein clinic, a reputed medical centre that offer Varicose Vein Treatment In Pune.

• Avoid prolonged postures
Even otherwise if pregnancy is not the issue, prolonged standing or sitting is one of the prime reasons for development of varicose veins. With additional weight of your baby in uterus, the chances of varicose appearance enhance for pregnant women. Hence it would be prudent to frequently take short breaks in your daily chore and change positions.

• Improve blood circulation
As blood pooling due to improper circulation is the main reason behind varicose veins, it would be a good idea to promote proper blood circulation.
• Indulge in few simple and light exercises. Even few brisk walks would go a long way in improving circulation
• Avoid keeping legs or ankles in crossed condition
• Practice lying on the left side to ease the pressure exerted by uterus on inferior vena cava. The simplest way to practice this would be to keep a pillow behind the back to tilt you towards left side.
• Keep legs in elevated position while sitting or sleeping.
• Go for low heeled or flat footwear

• Have a check on diet
It is very much essential for pregnant women to maintain appropriate body weight during pregnancy to facilitate not only smooth child birth but also to reduce the pressure exerted on the leg joints. Hence it is advisable to go for a specially prepared diet that enhances blood circulation and avoids constipation.
• Consume omega -3 rich foods such as sprouted flax seeds, fish – they have excellent anti inflammatory properties
• Increase the intake of high fiber rich food – to avoid constipation
• Drink plenty of water – to keep body hydrated
• Lessen sodium content in food – to minimize varicose vein swelling
• Refrain from refined and processed food that are rich in salt and sugar contents – to keep the body weight under check and to increase blood flow
• Include garlic onion and ginger in daily diet – to reduce swelling and pain associated with varicose veins

• Go for compression stockings
Imparting uniform pressure over the legs is one of the proven techniques to treat varicose veins. But while addressing the issues of varicose veins during pregnancy, care should be taken to wear full length compression stockings that are exclusively available as pregnancy gear. The advantages offered by these compression stockings are
• Gentle uniform pressure compresses the varicose veins and thereby reduces their diameter
• Venous walls get additional support and there by smooth blood flow are achieved.

Try out these simple remedies to reduce the symptoms associated with varicose veins. But, it is always be a good idea to seek the advice of your gynecologist before resorting to these remedies, recommends the cosmetic surgeon of a reputed varicose Veins Clinic in Pune

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