The Overall Management of The Varicose Veins

In simple term, varicose veins are abnormally enlarged veins found in 40% men & 32% women as per a survey conducted in UK with a significantly large sample size. The veins present in the subcutaneous tissue of legs get widened, become pinkish or purple in color & make the appearance prominent. The tension created in blood vessels of the veins eventually lead to reflux of blood & occurrence of varicose veins.

Not much significance is attached to the prevalence of varicose veins in medical practice as they are apparently harmless. With increasing awareness people are seeking counseling & reassurance on the appearance & hence experts are providing therapeutic treatments to the occurrence of varicose veins.

Usually they develop with age. It’s not hereditary however if you have got a family history, you are more prone to develop varicose veins. For women they appear first during pregnancy & the frequency of appearance is directly proportional to the number of pregnancies. Prolonged period of standing is often suggested by doctors as one of the reasons for developing varicose veins however it could not be backed by scientific evidences. High heels worn by women as a fashion statement contributes leniently to the formation of varicose veins as regular blood flow to calf muscle is restricted.

The apparently harmless varicose veins do not add to the appearance of the person & more often is detrimental from cosmetic standpoint. This is precisely why women patient seek therapies to remove the appearance altogether than men who are more prone to develop these veins.

Apart from cosmetic concern, there can be certain discomforts associated with varicose veins. Itching, heaviness & aching can be ably supported by sitting in a proper posture like elevating the legs after tiring day & wearing support hosiery.

Superficial thrombophlebitis is a fall out of the complications arising from the prevalence of varicose veins & is treated with anti-inflammatory analgesics.

Severity in conditions of varicose veins that lead to bleeding owing to high venous pressure in upright positions calls for immediate medical attention. If left untreated for long, the veins can become painfully inflamed, a condition called inflammatory liposclerosis which can cause painful ulcers.

The selection of doctors need to be done carefully; only certified medical practitioners with professional expertise should be relied upon to get the best possible treatment  & therapeutic relief.

The veins are examined under sufficient light or through ultrasound to determine the degree of damage & differentiate the extent of prevalence of varicose veins & spider veins which develop together with varicose veins however behave much differently & do not cause any clinical damage. Patients with symptomatic veins & substantial problems in venous pressure might have to undergo surgery. Conventional surgeries like saphenofemoral ligation are conducted to restrict post operative bruising to minimal. This helps the patient to recover fast without any further clinical intervention.

Radiofrequency & laser ablation is an alternative therapy to conventional surgery. They might cause some veins to disappear however sclerotherapy is needed to get rid of varicose veins permanently. The therapy take help of ultrasound frequency with less bruises & take place under local anesthesia which heals the patient faster.

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