The Different Stages of Vein Diseases and Symptoms

Millions of individuals are diagnosed with a vein disease worldwide and the number continues to rise every year. Often, vein diseases spur up from initial warning signs or symptoms that were ignored or shrugged off which eventually lead to advanced stages of vein diseases. Apart from having a healthy overall physical health, your vascular health is also something you should pay attention to. Vein diseases are common in both males and females and its symptoms may vary from person to person. Some may experience mild symptoms whereas others are likely to experience advanced symptoms such as swelling in the legs and bulging veins.

It is very important to address these symptoms regardless of nature and get a grip of the condition before it progresses. A vein disease does not affect individuals overnight and develops over multiple stages. So, whether it is just a couple of veins bulging out or a swelling, do not ignore these signs and visit a specialist immediately. Karishma Vein Clinic is one of the best varicose vein clinics in Pune. The state-of-the-art clinic is well-equipped with advanced machinery guided by a team of experienced and skilled specialists striving to offer the best varicose treatment in Pune.

As mentioned previously, vein diseases develop through multiple stages and it is important to treat the same at the right time. Every individual will experience different symptoms and thus, it becomes essential to know what they are to reduce risks and complications in the future.

Early signs or stages of vein diseases

Like many other diseases, vein diseases also affect individuals in different stages. Initially, there is a chance you may not notice the symptoms. However, you keep an eye for subtle changes in your legs.

The initial signs or symptoms include:

Spider veins

The web-like veins extremely thin in nature can be found near the surface of the skin. The cluster or tangled veins appear to be red or purplish in color and are flat. Although there is no swelling or bulging, the development of spider veins is an early sign of vein disease.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are not similar to spider veins and they tend to swell or bulge out. Individuals may notice the swelling or the bulging of the veins which is an initial sign of vein disease. In addition, apart from the swelling, one is also likely to experience pain which then requires medical intervention. In addition, patients also seek assistance for a plethora of issues that are associated with varicose veins including, swelling, restlessness, heaviness in the legs, pain in the leg, and itching.

Advanced stages of vein diseases

There are times when individuals who have been diagnosed with a vein disease delay the treatment. However, there is a high risk involved with that as the condition will worsen in the future leading to poor quality of life. Hence, it is essential to seek medical assistance at the right time and take the necessary medication.

Here are a few noticeable changes you may notice at advanced stages of vein disease.

1. Swelling and changes in the skin

Varicose veins can often result in swelling and skin discoloration. At times when the veins in the legs are not functioning in the right way, absorption of fluids becomes difficult and the legs tend to swell. The accumulation of fluids of the body lead to the discoloration of the skin can be witnessed on parts of your leg and near the ankle.

2. Venous ulcers in the leg

Venous ulcers are usually formed after there are swelling and discoloration in the leg. The main reason why ulcers are formed is due to lack of blood supply which has all the required healing agents. The ulcers could lead to pain, become chronic, and in some cases also become a gateway for bacteria as they are open wounds.

Treatments for vein diseases

It is important to act on vein diseases at the earliest to avoid further complications and damage. In addition, you are not only avoiding venous leg ulcers but at the same time heading towards a healthier lymphatic system.

Some of the most effective vein treatments at the Karishma Vein Clinic include:

1. Microphlebectomy – The vein that is damaged or infected is removed with precision

2. Sclerotherapy – With the help of injections, the blood is rerouted to the healthy passage of veins

3. Endovenous thermal ablation – With the use of high-frequency radio waves and heat laser, the affected veins are treated

4. Medication

Karishma Vein Clinic is one of the best varicose veins clinics in Pune offering the best varicose treatment in Pune. State-of-the-art technology coupled with the expertise of our highly professional staff makes it a trusted name and a center of world-class advanced vein treatments.