Spider Veins: What Causes Them And What Are The Treatment Options?

Spider veins occur like a web of red or blue veins and often starts spreading in the legs and arms, as you begin ageing. Women are at higher risk of developing varicose veins during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause. If you feel like you are developing varicose veins, get immediate varicose veins treatment in Pune at Karishma Vein Clinic.

Symptoms for Varicose Veins

Initial symptoms include:

  • Swollen feet and legs
  • Fatigued leg muscles and night cramps
  • Itching and burning sensation around the skin of your ankles and legs

What Causes Varicose Veins?

There are several factors responsible for causing varicose veins in a person. Some of these include:

  • Obesity
  • Heredity
  • Patients in an occupation that demands prolonged standing, sitting, or less body movement
  • Hormonal changes in women who are pregnant, at puberty age, or menopause.
  • Women under the influence of birth control pills
  • Postmenopausal hormonal replacement
  • Blood clotting due to previous surgical treatment
  • A health condition that causes heavy pressure in the patient’s abdomen (Example: tumour, constipation, or tight-fitted clothing)
  • Ageing

What are the treatment options for varicose veins?

Our spider vein and varicose veins treatment in Pimpri Chinchwad is designed to help patients get treated according to its severity. Some major treatments include:

  1. Support Stockings: It is the most conservative approach to get rid of painful varicose veins and ease the symptoms for a while. The stockings can be bought from any surgical store and comes in a wide variety includes below-the-knee, above-the-knee, and pantyhose styles.
  2. Lifestyle changes: Indulge in regular exercise. Get yourself moving. Maintain your body weight, and good skin hygiene to control the symptoms from getting worse.
  3. Sclerotherapy: Our varicose veins doctor in Pune suggest sclerotherapy to patients with minimal symptoms of varicose veins. The treatment includes injecting a highly concentrated saline solution directly into your veins, causing the veins to disappear gradually within one to six weeks.
  4. Endovenous laser treatment: It is the most effective spider vein treatment in Pune. A small laser fibre is inserted inside the veins through which the laser beam is transferred into the veins to deflate the damaged veins.
  5. Surgery: Patients suffering from large varicose veins are ideal candidates for surgical varicose vein treatment. The treatment includes ligation (tying off of a vein) and stripping (removal of a long segment of the vein). Another procedure includes your varicose vein surgeon in Pune, removing the large varicose veins through small incisions that do not need stitches or prolonged stay at the hospital.

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