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Spider Veins Causes & Treatments

Spider veins are abnormally enlarged vessels found more in women & gets prominent with age. They appear as the pink or purple colored cluster of threads underneath the skin of legs. Other places can have spider veins as well. The credit for the name goes to the clustered appearance of the veins.

Common Causes Of Spider Veins : Most of the cases have been found to have a hereditary factor attached to the cause of the disease. Pregnancy often contributes to the appearance of spider web due to enlargement & contraction of veins in a 9 month period. Some doctors do suggest prolonged period of standing leads to the formation of spider web however this could not be proved with scientific evidence. High heel shoes worn by women as a fashion statement contributes leniently to the formation of spider web as normal process of blood circulation in calf muscles are restricted. Too much of sunlight exposure might lead to substantial spider vein around the nasal area. Abnormality or structural damages on the walls of veins lead to blockage of one way valve that transports blood from legs & other parts of the body to heart. The veins being covered by skin are not visible to the naked eye resulting in the damage of the valve going unnoticed. Persistent damaged walls gives rise to leakage of blood from these veins which clusters together forming purple colored spider vein.

Treatment Of Spider Veins : Some spider web are harmless although might give an undesirable appearance. There exists absolutely no reason whatsoever to visit the cosmetic surgeon to get these scars removed. In some severe cases, swelling, burning, aching, heaviness & numbing sensation is felt in legs & gets annoyingly progressive with prolonged sitting or standing. The skin gets thickened & dry eventually leading to ulcers on lower leg. Localized bleeding from the tissues & infected ulcers get common only in severe cases.

Common Remedies : You can wear compression stockings available in medical stores to alleviate symptoms of spider vein. Improved circulation due to these stockings help in increasing the pressure on legs which is otherwise missing & that explains the downward movement of blood back to legs. A regular weight loss program & fitness regime can to a large extent prevent further formation of spider vein. Even if the existing vein does not disappear, they remain harmless; not creating any pain or trouble to the person. While sitting or sleeping one must ensure legs to be kept at an elevated level to help better circulation of blood thus reducing swelling.

In spite of lifestyle changes & home remedies, some spider vein problem aggravates however not any more. Spider vein treatment in pune is available in Karishma laser & cosmetic center which offers the best treatment for this vein related damage. Expert guidance is provided by dedicated professionals & painless surgery is advised only in severe cases by spider vein specialist in pune at Karishma vein clinic. Accurate diagnosis & treatment regime is given at an affordable cost. Laser treatments help in a faster relief. Sclerotherapy with injection is another method to treat spider vein depending on the condition of the damage. For more information & online booking to seek expert medical advice please log on to http://karishmaveinclinic.com/.

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