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Reasons Why People Develop Painful Varicose Veins?

‘Varicose veins’ is a condition that affects millions around the world and most people continue to live with it as part of their life. Varicose veins is characterized by the bluish or purplish colored veins that show up as bulged and gnarled types from beneath the skin. These may develop gradually with age or can also develop in a short time span, depending on the underlying factors that could be different in individuals. In most cases, varicose veins is accepted as a cosmetic condition and it remains harmless for most part of life. However, in some cases, the condition worsens and the veins get twisted to the extent that surgical removal could be warranted to correct the condition. Painful varicose veins and associated tenderness are also experienced as symptoms of complications in these cases.

Varicose veins reasons
Varicose veins specialist doctor says that this condition should not be neglected at all! Varicose veins is not merely a cosmetic condition; although in most cases, pain and other undesirable symptoms may remain non-existent for a long time in life. Varicose veins may also disappear after some time; especially in pregnancy induced cases, these disappear after the gestation is over! However, according to the experts, varicose veins signify the development of a serious valve disease that could be potentially fatal. Every vein in the body has the task of carrying back blood from the organs and tissues to the heart. The inside of the veins have for this purpose, the single direction valves that prevent the flow of blood in the reverse direction. In healthy individuals, these valves keep functioning properly but in some, these valves get loose and do not completely shut down. The reverse flow of blood is not prevented and blood keeps on accumulating. This effect is more potent in the legs and feet region because here the blood in the veins has to move against gravity and therefore valves function is more important.

With continuous accumulation of blood in the veins, venous pressure keeps on increasing. This leads to bulging and gnarling of veins that show up as bluish cords from under the skin. The reason for the partial failure of the veins valves has been attribute to many factors and one among them is the hormonal mis balance. In ladies during pregnancy, the hormonal profile is hyped and this causes more than normal dilation of the vein valves thus leading to varicose veins condition.

The risk factors that contribute or intensify the varicose veins condition –

While valve disease is the fundamental cause for the development of varicose veins, there are many factors that contribute to the progression of this condition. Here are the leading risk factors and causes of varicose veins :

Aging – causes general weakness, including in the veins.
Pregnancy and hormonal changes – as said above, the hormonal profile changes cause the valve to expand. In this case, the condition subsides after the pregnancy.
Stress in legs – long term standing coupled with generic vein and valve weakness can lead to varicose veins condition in the individual. Rest is required in such case!
Obesity – excess weight causes accumulation of stress in the legs and this increases risk of varicose veins.
Genetics – the major determinant of varicose veins is genetics and the condition runs through family.
Gender – women are more at risk of developing varicose veins.

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