Is EVLT useful for varicose veins patients?

At Karishma vein clinic we have the latest and the most modern equipment used for treating varicose veins such as lasers and the less prominent but effective endovenous laser treatment in Pune. Our team of experienced doctors and surgeons ensure that we provide the highly sought after evlt treatment in Pune at a reasonable price. We assure you that there will be a considerable difference after obtaining our treatments.

What exactly is EVLT treatment?

EVLT or endo venous laser treatment is a cost effective and a permanent way of treating the occurrence of spider veins and varicose veins inside the human body by using the help of lasers and high intensity light. As the name suggests, EVLT treatment is solely based with the help of lasers and high energy bursts if light that is used to degrade and eliminate the veins responsible for the occurrence of varicose veins and spider veins inside one’s body.

How exactly is EVLT treatment done?

The procedure is minimally invasive in nature, since includes removal of defective veins and valves. This process is guided with the help of ultra sound scanning. Ultra sound scanning is used to check the presence of damaged veins and from there the treatment for EVLT starts. This type of procedures is usually done on the presence of a doctor such as a radiologist or surgeons specialising in vascular diseases. Sometimes a phlebologist is also involved.

The process is usually started by giving anaesthesia to the patient and the process of detecting the damaged veins. A colourer marker is injected into the body , so as to detect the damaged veins. From there, the damaged veins are either punctured or compromised with the help of lasers. A small catheter is used to enter into the large veins where a laser tip is present. This, laser tip coagulates the infected veins only and thus providing blood to the rest of the veins of the leg. Another added advantage of this treatment is that, there is no unwanted damage of tissues other than the already damaged veins.

How EVLT is useful?

EVLT is becoming more and more popular these days and it is slowly replacing the traditional method of open surgery of the legs. The whole EVLT takes about a maximum time of one hour including the anaesthesia process. Another reason why this method is becoming popular is because of the following reasons.

  • It is very much cost effective and affordable when compared to the various varicose laser treatments present in the medical field at present
  • The after effects of the treatment are not that visible and this treatment ensures a minimal number of scars. Since there is no involvement of cutting open the leg to remove the varicose veins.

Another reason why this procedure is popular among varicose patients is because of the low complexity of the surgical procedure and the success rate of this procedure is a whopping 93% .So you are assured a recovery from varicose veins after the EVLT treatment and you can lead a normal and less stressful life.