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Although spider veins, the blue and red veins that spread like branches of a tree in ankles and calves, are not a life threatening issue, it is definitely a cosmetic issue. The reasons behind the occurrence of spider veins are still not scientifically found out, but medical scientists believe the reasons to be genetics, and hormones estrogen and progesterone. Is it possible to avoid spider veins? Unfortunately, no. But it is definitely possible to slow their occurrence and also to get rid of them completely, says a Spider Vein Doctor In Pune.


Medical fraternity attributes several causes for spider veins

  1. Veins carry blood from all parts of the body back to heart. As we grow old, the non returning valves in the veins lose their potential and thereby cause the collection of blood in the veins. This in turn results in enlargement of veins and becomes visible. This phenomenon is more prominent in ankles and legs, as the veins located in the parts have to work harder to pump back the blood.
  2. Half of the affected patients have one or other immediate relatives who also have spider veins. Due to the hereditary nature of the problem, spider veins can never be avoided in several cases.
  3. During pregnancy, the veins of a woman undergo additional pressure and leads to the formation of spider veins. Fortunately, it is a temporary phenomenon and usually fades post delivery.
  4. Sitting of standing posture for long time makes it very tough for the veins to circulate the blood back and this extra pressure leads to spider veins.
  5. Akin to pregnancy, obese individuals always place additional strain on the veins and thereby cause the formation of spider veins.
  6. Exposure to sun rays may lead to formation of spider veins in face.

How to avoid them?

Two ways have been formulated to reduce the chances of spider veins formation. While the first method discusses about the suitable habits to be adopted, the second way illustrates the significance of exercise and dietary habits.

Suitable habits

  1. If your work demands your posture to be in sitting or standing position, take a break of few minutes and walk around the work premises. This would definitely help a lot to boost the blood circulation.
  2. It is necessary to avoid postures that impede the blood circulation. For instance, having crossed legs while sitting causes disturbances in the normal blood flow pattern and leads to spider veins. The best remedy is to elevate your foot around a foot above the heart level, so that blood flows back to your heart through gravity.
  3. High heeled shoes or sandals are strictly not recommended for people who would like to avoid spider veins. The reason is quite simple – high heels cause additional pressure on legs and limits blood circulation.
  4. Compression hoses that are available at OTC product across all pharmaceutical stores are a good idea to stimulate blood vessels. The stimulated blood vessels indulge in appreciable blood circulation and reduce the possibility of spider vein formation.
  5. Apply good quality sunscreen lotions to prevent spider veins in face.

Exercise and dietary habits

  1. Healthy body weight is the need of the hour to avoid spider veins. This can be achieved only through a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  2. It is important to reduce the pressure induced by the body on the veins. How to go about it. Salt stimulates the body to retain water and swell; this in turn puts additional pressure on the veins. Also constipation causes additional pressure in the body. Hence it is necessary to have more fiber dietary food and less salt to reduce additional pressure on the veins.
  3. A good regime of exercise would do a whole lot of good for blood circulation system.

Yes, it is not possible to avoid the appearance of spider veins, but it can very much be delayed or lessened by following the above mentioned lifestyle and dietary habits, says, an expert doctor associated with a Spider Vein Clinic In Pune.

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