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How to choose the right vein treatment

Many people in India suffer from either varicose or spider vein problem. It not only poses a cosmetic problem, but also a great discomfort like pain, soreness, and heaviness. So do you need to live with it? Not anymore.  Get rid of these veins and regain your beautiful legs and confidence with varicose vein treatment in Pune at Karishma vein clinic, the best vein treatment centre for varicose and spider veins. To choose the right vein treatment it is important to know the details pertaining to treatment options and the types of vein.

Varicose veins

Venous insufficiency is the reason for varicose veins where the weaken veins are not able to take back blood to the heart against gravity. The blood gets pooled in legs, and calves and results in enlarged, thickened twisted veins. Few other discomforts, apart from cosmetic issue faced by patients suffering from varicose veins are leg pain, swelling, and skin ulcers.

Treatment options

Leading varicose veins doctor in Pune says that for varicose vein treatment both surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available.

Vein stripping or ligation is the surgical option where multiple incisions are required for the procedure to remove all or part of the veins. The damaged vein is removed so that pressure is reduced and complications are prevented. This removal does not affect the blood flow as the other deep veins takes over the job. This procedure is usually done under general anesthesia.

Non- surgical method involves

Laser treatment, compression stockings, radio-frequency waves that destroy veins are non-surgical methods.

EVLT is the latest and most effective laser treatment option and it hardly takes 30-45 minutes for the procedure. The biggest benefit is that EVLT is a minimally invasive procedure. The procedure is done by catheter assisted method where laser fiber is inserted into the catheter and laser pulses are delivered through it to shrink the affected veins by shutting it.

Spider veins and treatment options

Spider veins are smaller in size and appear like a small tree or spider and they are easier to treat. But both spider and varicose veins are formed because of venous insufficiency.

Spider vein specialist in Pune explains that both laser treatments and sclerotherapy are deployed for treatment of spider veins. Laser treatments are performed by using latest techniques. In this technique laser pulses are sent on the vein through skin without any incision.  Subsequently, the vein fades away and disappears with the help of selective photo thermolysis.


Sclerotherapy treatment procedure involves injection. An ultra sound needle that contains a solution (sclerosant solution) is guided into the vein. Although the solution causes irritation for few minutes, the veins will shrink and eventually disappear. This treatment may require more than one session for effective results.

As the intensity of venous problem differs from person to person, so is the treatment methodology. An expert vein specialist, with vast experience in the field, works with the patient to determine the best line of treatment out of multiple options. Karishma vein clinic is considered as one of the best clinics and the doctors are experts in spider vein treatment and varicose vein treatment in Pune. For any vein related problem, it is always better to consult the doctor in person to avail excellent guidance and select the best treatment option.

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