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Healthy Living Before and After Varicose Vein Treatment

As the saying goes, Health is Wealth and everyone wishes to be healthy without any health issues, in his or her day to day life. However, not everyone is sincere in their efforts to be healthy. Health may be there in our mind, but do we really take care of our health? With our busy lifestyles, we often neglect our health, not realizing that it is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Healthy Living before Vein Treatment As stated above it vital to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid or to prevent our body from various, health hazards or ailments.

In healthy living before vein treatment, here let’s talk about varicose veins. Varicose veins are veins that bulge out mainly due to lack of free transmission of blood in the body. These veins appear to more or less like a chain, and usually develops in the lower part of the body and can be seen on the calves of the legs. Lack of regular exercise, unhealthy eating habits, the certain type of clothing, work-life balance are some of the causes of varicose veins. Some people have it, as a result of their family members and in other words could be genetic or heredity. Prevention is always better than cure.

In order to avoid getting varicose veins, one must take care that he follows a good diet. Avoiding junk or fast food, food rich in fats like cheese, butter, mayonnaise, ice-creams, cakes, pastries, and other bakery products. Instead, switch to a homemade food that is healthy and nutritious.

It is advisable to have a serving of fruits and salads at regular intervals instead of fried food items. Obese people are more likely to develop varicose veins, as excessive body weight prevents the transmission of blood to all parts the body especially the legs. Spending around 40 minutes daily on exercise also helps the free flow of blood to all parts of the body. A fifteen minute walk is advisable, avoid wearing skin tight clothes like stretched jeans or tights, as this would prevent the free transmission of blood especially in the legs.

One should always be mobile to prevent the development of varicose veins, as standing or sitting in one position for a long time will affect the free transmission of blood to and fro. Thus in order to prevent varicose veins, it is always effective to follow a health regime in our daily lives.

In spite of following the above health measures, one gets these veins in his or her body, the person can claim that he or she has had a healthy living before vein treatment. Healthy Living after Vein Treatment There are many types of treatments for varicose veins. There are both surgical as well as non –surgical. However, both have side effects. The most common side effect is the scars that are left behind, whether it’s a surgical or a non-surgical treatment vein treatment.

It is necessary to take very good care of our health especially after the treatment. Hence it is always good to strictly follow the instructions of the physician, be it on medication, diet or even exercises that is required. Without our cooperation, it is difficult to expect a complete cure. Some may have to put on compressed stockings, along with exercise of the calf of the leg as well as medication. If we take things seriously, concerning our health after the varicose vein treatment, then we can assure ourselves of a pain free and comfortable cure

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