Endovenous Laser Treatment : A Modern and Innovative Approach For Varicose Veins

Let’s admit it! The sight of varicose veins is not at all pleasant. Apart from not being attractive, varicose veins can also be painful. It is essential to note that varicose veins are more prevalent in both older men and women (above 60 years of age). One of the primary reasons why varicose veins lead to complications is that the problem is underdiagnosed and undertreated.

There are several reasons why one may delay the treatment for vein diseases such as:

1. The symptoms are subtle and are not detected easily
2. Physicians may not be aware of the implications of vein problems on the quality of life
3. Patients may have heard about the ill-effects of age-old vein treatments from friends or relatives

If you are considering treatment for your varicose veins, schedule an appointment with Karishma Vein Clinic. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of advanced vein treatments and diverse experience in treating patients. Further, we regularly update our treatment techniques such as the Endovenous laser treatment based on the current advances in the field.

A lot of patients are unsure about what is the right treatment for their varicose veins. With advances in technology, laser treatments for spider or varicose veins have gained popularity in recent years.

Traditional approach

The development of traditional vein stripping technique began in the early 1900s and since then, not seen a significant change. Vein stripping for treating varicose veins requires large incisions, general anesthesia, and expensive stays in the hospital. Further, the time to recover could take months with a risk of bruising and pain.

At present, the traditional vein stripping operations are rarely performed as patients prefer modern laser treatments. Although alternative surgical procedures such as Subfascial Endoscopic Perforator Surgery (SEPS) and Perforatory Invaginate (PIN) were developed, they did not gain popularity and acceptance.

EVLT Treatment in Pune

Thanks to advancements in technology and rapid research, laser treatments, including the EVLT surgery, has gained rapid acceptance worldwide. The modern and innovative approach deploys high-resolution ultrasound imaging to detect the vein that is causing issues. Further, with real-time ultrasound guidance and anesthesia, ELVS fiber is used to treat the problem.

The main advantage of opting for an EVLT treatment in Pune at Karishma Vein Clinic include:

• The procedure is minimally invasive
• Does not require a long time to recover
• Painless

Patients can resume their daily routine in a short period post-treatment without any difficulty.

If you have trouble with the spider or varicose veins and seeking treatment for the same, schedule an appointment with Karishma Vein Clinic today to know more!