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Invariably every woman feels the necessity to have perfect legs that are devoid of any flaw. Occurrence of varicose veins, the bulged, deeply colored, and twisted appearance of veins on the surface of the skin, may cause nightmares for those women. But fortunately with right knowledge of about these veins can help you to delay their occurrence, lessen their severity, and even get rid of them completely, says a renowned cosmetic surgeon who offers Varicose Vein Treatment In Pune. The crucial information about these varicose veins that can ease your mind are listed below:

1. It is not alone a cosmetic problem: It is a myth that varicose and spider veins are mere cosmetic complications and do not pose any health hazard. Varicose veins should never be ignored for it can lead to fatigue of legs and swelling. They can also be the initial danger signal of an underlying medical problem such as deep vein thrombosis, poor blood circulation, and clotting.

2. It is hereditary: Definitely, varicose veins are passed on through genes, but the blame need not be squarely on your parents. The tendency or occurrence of varicose veins can easily skip a generation and it can be from either side of the family.

3. Varicose and spider veins aren’t same: Many a time, patients confuse with spider veins for varicose veins. While the former are usually harmless thin blue veins that can easily be seen under the skin, the latter is different in many ways. The thick and bulged appearance of varicose veins is definitely due to pooling of blood that has resulted because of non-functioning of valves in the veins. The only similarity that is shared by these two types is improper blood circulation in the veins.

4. Weak valves cause varicose: While arteries deliver the oxygen rich blood from the heart to the other parts of body, veins does the opposite – they carry the blood back to heart. But veins have to do additional work to overcome the gravitational force and they are ably assisted by the non return valves inside the veins which prevents the back flow of blood. But the problem starts when these valves malfunction and lead to clotting of blood in the veins.

5. Pregnancy: It is natural for many women to develop varicose veins during pregnancy. The reason is quite simple – women produce more blood to support the fetus in the womb and hence the veins could not cope up the additional pressure. But luckily, in most of the cases, varicose veins that were formed during pregnancy vanishes post delivery.

6. Not only the legs: As veins in the legs have to pump with more energy to overcome gravity, they are more prone to get affected. But that does not mean that it does not affect anywhere else. Pooling of blood can happen in any defective veins and lead to varicose formation. For instance, it can be the issue of Telangiectasias in face, venom lakes in neck or hemorrhoids around the rectum. Although they have different medical terminologies, all these conditions basically belong to varicose veins.

7. Lifestyle changes can inhibit varicose: Yes, you heard it right. Being a hereditary issue, it may not be possible to avoid the occurrence of varicose, but it can be definitely avoided or its severity lessened by adopting simple lifestyle change. Maintaining healthy body weight and avoiding prolonged standing or sitting position would go a long way in addressing the issue.

8. Plenty of treatment options: Starting from compression stockings, vein stripping to endovenous laser treatment, there are many options available for treating varicose veins.

In short, do not hesitate if you feel fatigue in legs at the end of a physical session – they can be due to poor blood circulation. Karishma, a renowned name for Varicose Veins Clinic In Pune, offers immaculate treatment services with latest technology and infrastructure to get rid of your problem.

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