Doctor’s advice to avoiding varicose veins

For many people the gnarled and dilated blood vessels or varicose veins that occur in the legs (mostly) look unsightly and they consider it to be a nuisance. These veins are mainly caused due to the pressure in the veins which tends to weaken the walls of the blood vessels. The varicose veins can also make standing and walking very painful. In extreme cases, they may also cause skin ulcers making it all the more unbearable. Doctors at Karishma Vein Clinic considered being the best varicose veins doctor in Pune are of the opinion that although the formation of the varicose veins cannot be prevented certain effective lifestyle changes can certainly help to minimize the chances of getting these dreadful veins. The doctor’s advice the following tips to avoid the development of varicose veins.

Flex your Calf Muscles while Standing
Keep the blood circulating and moving in your legs. The calf muscles are the heart of the venous circulation and you need to make these muscles work. Shaking, flexing your foot and pointing will definitely help.

Avoid Tight Fitting clothes
It is better to avoid knee high nylon socks, girdles and other binding clothes for daily wear as they tend to block the movement of the blood in the leg. Tight fitting clothes leads to non-functioning of the valves which causes pooling of blood. This can eventually lead to the formation of the varicose veins.

Wear Graduated Support Stockings
We recommend women to wear graduated support hose or special nylon socks, knee-high socks, pantyhose which are good for your legs. These are easily available in many pharmacies that come in a variety of colors and are quite fashionable look wise. You do not require a prescription of these stockings which help to apply a graduated and gentle pressure to your leg, thereby decreasing the expansion of the walls of the vein.

Control weight increase
According to studies obesity is a key factor that leads to the formation of the varicose veins. We recommend that if you are overweight better shed down the excess weight. Cut down on calories and enroll in special exercise programs which will help you to remove the excess weight. Support hose can also help women who have the problem of fluctuating hormones during their menstrual cycle as it can affect the veins. It is also seen that 70% of pregnant women who have inherited a family gene for these veins will tend to develop them.

Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes
High heels are fashionable and will surely make you look great but you will end up damaging your veins. By wearing heels, your calf muscles will be unable to pump blood out of the leg effectively and hence lead to pooling of blood and formation of varicose veins.

Avoid Prolonged Sitting and Standing
If your job entails you to endless hours of standing and sitting, then try to take breaks in between and allow your leg muscles to relax. At home you can prop or elevate your legs to allow the blood to flow properly. This will help to prevent formation of varicose veins.

Exercise Regularly
To stay fit and health exercise regularly. Be on the move, walk, run and exercise to have a well tone leg muscle as it will help to pump out blood more effectively. Take care while doing strenuous exercises like weight lifting as they tend to increase the abdominal pressure and can block blood flow to the heart.

Indulge in Healthy Habits
Avoid vices like smoking as they can cause an increase in blood pressure which is not a healthy sign. It might affect your healthy veins. Always eat healthy food to stay fit and healthy.

These tips will sure help to prevent the varicose veins from forming. If you still have any concerns it is ideal to consult a physician and take the appropriate treatment.