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The bulging varicose veins that render unsightly appearance not only pose a cosmetic issue but can also lead to other medical complications. Even a decade ago, ailment due to venous insufficiency was being treated through invasive surgical procedure called vein stripping. Thanks to the advances in technology, the growth of medical science has made the treatment procedure to be simpler and easier. Endovenous laser treatment or also known as EVLT has emerged as a revolutionary alternative for the treatment of varicose veins and offers several huge benefits for patients with venous insufficiency.  Doctors of Karishma veins clinic, who have been providing EVLT Treatment In Pune, lists the benefits associated with this treatment procedure.

How it works

Prior to seeing how EVLT offers huge benefits, it would be a good idea to understand how exactly it works. Thermal ablation or heat sealing through lasers is the main technique that is employed for closing the incompetent varicose veins. With the guidance of an ultrasound device, a hot laser fiber is inserted through an IV. The hot tip of the laser seals the veins as it moves inside them and subsequently the damaged veins are absorbed back by the body as a natural process. In several instances, a minimal invasive technique such as ambulatory microphlebectomy may be employed as the continual procedure to remove the dilated and bulging varicose veins.

Non- necessity of general anesthesia

EVLT does not demand general anesthesia and it is performed only with the help of local sedatives to numb the legs during the treatment procedure. This huge benefit completely eradicates any sort of associated complication such as infection and nausea. Again, as only local anesthesia is administered, the procedure is not carried out in operation theatres but in the clinic itself.

Quick turnaround period

EVLT offers very quick turnaround period – the patients can return to their normal chores within a day of the procedure. Although it is common for the patients to encounter minor discomfort and pain immediately after the procedure, they usually subside in few hours. Again, as the incision made for EVLT is very small, scarring is never an issue with this minimal invasive procedure.

Instantaneous results

The total time taken by the procedure, right from start to finish is not more than one hour. And the best part is that the results are immediately visible. As mentioned above, it takes time for the body to accomplish the natural processing of absorbing the sealed veins. So, the sight of varicose veins will not get immediately withdrawn from the sight, but the associated symptoms will get definitely better after the procedure.

Less traumatic

It is no more necessary to indulge in vein stripping, one of the surgical procedures, for the removal of large varicose veins. EVLT in conjunction with ambulatory microphlebectomy can effectively handle all types of varicose vein issues.

High success rate

Being an outpatient procedure and non-involvement of general anesthesia hugely contributes EVLT to be treated as a procedure with very less complication rates. As a matter of fact, EVLT enjoys a whopping 95% success rate and non-recurrence rate, when compared with the surgical route option.

Again it would be worthwhile to mention that EVLT can be successfully performed for all types of skin types. One of the main aspects that ensure the high success rate of varicose veins treatment is the proper selection of laser. An expert varicose veins treatment specialist would invariably select the most apt laser, based on the location of varicose vein, size and its nature.

Vein surgeries are rarely being performed and have been successfully replaced by the laser minimal invasive treatments. But in few cases, where vascular disease is quite extensive, surgery may be necessary. The expert vascular surgeons of Karishma Veins Clinic, who offer Endovenous Laser Treatment in Pune, would resort to the surgery route only when it is absolutely not possible to render laser treatment.