Are there Spider Veins on Your Face?

Spider Veins are medically termed as telangiectasias or angioectasias. These are tiny purple veins which are small dilated blood vessels. They are near the surface of the skin of the mucous membranes and measures between 0.5 and 1 millimeter in diameter. Though they develop anywhere on your body, they can be seen mostly on the face around your nose, chin and cheeks. They can even develop on the legs, found specifically on the upper thigh, below knee joint and around the ankles.


They may take many forms and are typically of three patterns. One is a spiderweb shape, where the veins radiate out from a central hub. Then there is an “arborizing” pattern which resembles branches of a tree and thirdly as thin, separate lines.

Those who suffer with spider veins can visit physicians or varicose veins Specialist in Pune known as vascular surgeons who specializes in vein care and such peripheral vascular disease. It is estimated that at least one third of adult female population have spider veins and this affects men too. Spider veins can infrequently cause symptoms like itching, swelling or even fatigue, night cramps, burning or aching.

There are many safe and minimally invasive procedures that effectively help to remove or to reduce the appearance of spider veins. For the treatment, you can visit the Karishma Vein Clinic which is a world-renowned center. with a team of a Specialist doctor in Pune who offers advanced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Care and Beauty Solutions other then Cosmetic Surgery in his center.

So what is the cause of Spider veins in your body? Well, they are typically caused by an abnormal flow of blood and weakening of the blood vessel wall. Any activities that place pressure on the veins can contribute to the development of the veins and because of factors like genetics, prolonged standing or sitting position, blunt trauma, sun damage, pregnancy, hormonal factors, weight loss, exposure to certain chemicals radiation and autoimmune disorders like lupus.

To avoid spider veins to develop more you can opt for some of the tips and recommendations given by your physician. You need to avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time. Try cool and instant showers rather than hot soaks. Elevate your feet whenever it’s possible, like while watching TV or while reading a book. Exercise(Exercise for Healthy Vein) and have a good healthy diet(Healthy Diet for Vein). You can jump rope to strengthen your leg muscles and blood vessels. Rub your legs with soothing lotion which can relax the leg muscles and even improve the blood circulation.