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8 Myths and Misconceptions About Varicose Veins

Affecting over 80 million people worldwide, one of the most common venous issues, varicose veins is a condition where veins become dark in color and bulging from the skin. It is a sign of venous insufficiency also known as progressive vein disease. This medical condition could lead to blood clots and other medical concerns like bleeding, skin discoloration, skin thickening and ankle/foot ulcer formation.

A vein disease is generally caused by damaged vein valves that allow blood to flow back towards your feet instead of upwards towards your heart. Varicose Veins can impact both health and quality of life and many people have numerous myths and misconceptions about the condition. Therefore, they are reluctant to seek treatment. Our doctors at Karishma Vein Clinic, the varicose vein specialist in Pune, debunk the various myths surrounding Varicose veins:

1. Only elderly people get Varicose Veins: Although with age one can increase their chances of getting varicose veins due to various age-related changes like veins tend to lose their elasticity with age. But the myth that only elderly people get the varicose vein, the condition can hit anyone as early as in their 20s. It can be heredity issue where if your parents had varicose veins, your chances of having them can increase.

2. Only women are affected by varicose veins: Even though varicose veins is predominantly a woman’s issue due to the hormone progesterone, it can affect men also. Almost 45% of men will experience varicose veins at some point in their lives.

3. Varicose veins are a cosmetic issue: Many people have this assumption that varicose veins is nothing else but a simple cosmetic issue and does not affect health. This belief is completely wrong and to give better clarification, varicose veins are caused by unhealthy valves inside your veins. If left untreated, they’ll lead to pain, fatigue, itching, swelling and various comfort-related problems.

4. Varicose vein treatment is painful: With the medical advancements and new technology, treatment for varicose veins has become minimally invasive A treatment called EVLT – EndoVenous Laser Treatment is the most popular treatment for varicose veins that can be operated easily and causing the least pain.

5. Varicose veins are caused by too much exercise: This myth is the exact opposite of what is true for keeping your legs and veins healthy. Daily exercise is good for veins as it promotes circulation – a process that’s also impacted by the muscle around the vein, which grows stronger when you exercise.

6. Vein Surgery is the only option: In the past, traditional vein stripping was the only option where your recovery was slow and it could cause permanent scars. But with the minimally invasive surgery called EVLT or non surgical treatments like Elevation and Compression Garment, one can be treated of varicose veins without undergoing a painful vein surgery.

7. Lifestyle changes won’t help: Not exercising enough and following an unhealthy diet can result in weight problems like obesity which can add your chances of developing varicose veins. With a healthy diet, it is recommended to do calf-strengthening exercises to prevent varicose veins.

8. Crossing your legs cause varicose veins: Your veins in the legs are protected by a sheath of rigid muscle, protecting it from being compressed by various leg movements. And varicose vein is an intricate problem within the vein themselves that happens only when there is a loss of vein elasticity or a result of circulatory changes.

At Karishma Vein Clinic, we emphasize on keeping your lifestyle healthy to avoid developing varicose veins. But even if its caused by heredity problems, one can undergo the treatment which is safe and minimally invasive. We provide the best varicose vein treatment in Pune guided by our skilled and experienced doctors. The Varicose treatment Cost at Karishma Vein Clinic is affordable and with the latest technology available to carry out the easy EVLT procedure that is minimally painful without leaving any scars.

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