5 Tips on How to Set Relief from Varicose Veins While Travelling

Vacations and holiday trips are coming soon now. As much as we love exploring new places, the most daunting experience is the long travel hours spent to reach the destination. Traveling becomes more anxious for people with varicose veins. For patients suffering from varicose veins, a long hour trip in car, train, or flight is an extreme source of discomfort as one steady position can decrease the blood circulation and intensify the pain.

Karishma Vein Clinic is a well-renowned name when it comes to offering the best Varicose vein treatment in Pune. Our specialists dissect the problem from its roots and today, we brought you a few tips on relieving the pain while traveling on board.

1) Wear Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings

These are easily available in pharmacies and retail shops. The compression stockings work by gently applying pressure on the legs to stimulate the flow of blood and its circulation. There are also special “flight socks” specifically designed to reduce the risk of deep veined thrombosis while in the air.

2) Dress for Comfort

Comfort Travel

Avoid wearing tight pants while traveling as it disrupts normal blood circulation. Try wearing loose comfortable clothes that are breathable to your body and doesn’t create tension on your feet and legs.

3) Leg Exercise

Leg Excercise

One big disadvantage of traveling is the discomforting leg space. Flights have space constraints and if you are suffering from varicose veins, it is wise to pay a little more for seats with enough leg space and avoid getting cramps seating in one corner of the flight.

4) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Body Hydrated

Instead of jumping on that extra complimentary drink on the flight, drink enough water and fluids to keep you hydrated throughout the journey. This helps to nourish your immune system and to improve the blood circulation. Also, a well-hydrated body eliminates the chances of clot formation and relaxes the body.

5) Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

Whether you are a nervous flyer or a regular traveler, it is very important to relax your body from stress. Keep yourself engaged in reading an exciting book or with some breathing exercise. Fight the urge of using sleeping tablets to calm down your nervousness.

Ask our Varicose vein specialist in Pune if you find it necessary to take some form of stress relief medication. Consult us before you take-off for the journey and together we can work on preventions and precautions to avoid varicose vein pain.