5 Easy Tips on How to Recover Faster Post Varicose Veins Treatment

Are you one of those who wants to get rid of the painful experience of Varicose Veins? Look no further and opt for Varicose Veins laser treatment from a Varicose Vein Specialist in Pune. The Varicose Veins Treatment not just helps to bring improvement in the appearance of your legs but also provides you with a peaceful night sleep, improved mobility and an overall better life. All it requires is a little bit of care post-Varicose Veins Surgery for an improved and faster recovery.

Following the below mentioned valuable tips would help you to make a faster recovery post varicose veins Treatment:

Adequate Rest:

Adequate sleep

Ensure that you take an adequate amount of rest for at least 7 days post varicose treatment to avoid bruising, pain, and excessive bleeding. Sufficient rest, if taken, will facilitate in faster recovery. Try to keep the legs at an elevated level above the heart for nearly 15 minutes at least twice in a day. This will help to remove pressure off the veins, alleviate bruise or swelling along with speeding up the healing process. Try to keep the varicose vein treated legs away from direct sunlight and avoid standing for longer durations.

Be Sensitive and Alert Towards Infections:

Infection aware

Apply ice packs over the incisions for at least half an hour at regular intervals. This will help to reduce pain, bruise, and swelling. Maintain a regular check over the incisions for infections. Though chances of catching infections are rarer still, in case you come across any kind of swelling, pus or redness or any other signs of infections, immediately rush to your doctor. Bruises are quite normal after varicose vein treatment, but they tend to disappear after two to three weeks. Avoid taking bath at least for 2 days post surgery. Consuming Blood thinners (Aspirin, Coumadin and Plavix) post varicose treatment can lead to problems. Restart the medicines only after consulting your doctor.

Try to avoid vigorous Activities:


Avoid from starting your regular gym work out immediately post the varicose veins treatment. Refrain from doing any kind of high impact activities including running. Try to practice low impact activities such as bending of knees, walking, lifting of legs, pumping of ankles etc. Low impact activities when done post varicose treatment helps to stretch and strengthen the calf pump along with improving the blood circulation in the leg area. You can even try riding a stationary bike as this activity would help to improve the blood flow in legs.

Wear Compression Stockings:

Compression Stockings

Try to wear compression stockings post-varicose vein treatment for at least 3 months as it helps to squeeze the leg tissues and walls of veins thus, enabling the blood in the veins to flow to heart against gravity. Ensure wearing the right sized compressions stockings and also learn to wear them the right way. This will avoid scarring and speed up the process of healing.

Healthy Diet:

Healthy Diet

Finally, pay attention to your diet, as the Laser Varicose Vein treatment can tend to affect your bowel movement. Follow a high fiber diet after the treatment by including whole wheat flour, plenty of fruits, veggies, and brown rice. Consuming foods containing Rutin such as buckwheat, apple, grapes, cherries, apricot, and blackberries is highly recommended as they help to strengthen your veins. Rutin is considered to be rich in antioxidants along with being anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic properties (protection against blood clots), and Vaso Protective (protects blood vessels).

By following the above 5 tips, you can be rest assured to get fast recovery from Varicose Vein provided, you do the surgery from a reputed surgeon practicing in a leading vein Clinic.