4 Crucial Facts About Varicose Veins Everyone Must Be Aware Of

Varicose veins are typically caused due to faulty valves that let the blood flow in the opposite direction. We all coming know them as the black or purple patches with web-like threads around the calves. There are several home remedies and clinical treatment options that can effectively treat these veins today. But before you opt for any treatment for your varicose vein condition, it is prudent to know some of the crucial facts about this disorder which aren’t commonly discussed.
Here are some of those facts which must have proper knowledge of before visiting any varicose vein clinic:

Women Are More Likely To Develop It:

The body of women who are pregnant or have delivered multiple children undergoes severe hormonal changes. Additionally, the excessive weight gain adds to the problem of damaging the veins running down the legs. Which is why they are more prone to developing this condition than men. 

Some Varicose Veins Are Invisible:

Although most of the time, varicose veins are clearly visible as dark black thread-like patches, there have been some cases where the condition develops without showing and discoloration over the skin. Here, the only observed symptoms included:
● Swelling, heaviness, fatigue, and tenderness around the calves
● Throbbing pain and muscle cramps
● Pain that worsens after prolonged sitting or standing
● Itching and bleeding around the calves

This type of varicose veins development must be attended to immediately with professional treatment. Not All Veins Need Medical Help:
If the veins are visibly blackened but aren’t causing any other symptoms, chances are your doctor might ask you to let it be. This is so because varicose veins treatment is primarily focused on reducing the symptoms caused by this condition such as pain, discomfort, itching, fatigue, etc.. You can still opt for its treatment for cosmetic reasons such as removing the dark pigmentation on the skin.

Only A professional Can Prescribe The Right Treatment:

You’ll find several websites, online stores, and other platforms selling information and products for varicose vein treatment. However, the only right way to prescribe treatment is to analyze the extent to which your condition has aggravated, which can only be done by a specialist. So, no matter how much someone forces a “sure-shot” treatment method on you, you must also consult a varicose vein specialist for getting treatment advice that is right for you.

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